Thomas Truax is an American musician and inventor now based in Birmingham, England. Since 2000 he has travelled the world performing with his evolving band of self-made musicians including Mother Superior (a motorized drum machine made from bicycle parts), the Hornicator (a gramophone horn with strings and kazoo) and the Stringaling (made from a washing machine hose and other oddments). He also plays guitar and writes poetic songs which sound like the soundtrack to a lost David Lynch film. His supporters and collaborators have included Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley, James Smith of Yard Act, Bob Log III, the Dresden Dolls, Terry Practchett and drummer Budgie (Slits/Banshees/etc).

“Dream Catching Song”  is his tenth album (and second on Blang) and is a collaboration with the aforementioned Budgie.

“Truax and Budgie’s collaboration is a clear success” (Cult Following)
“If you’re a fan of Nick Cave, Jim White or David Sylvian, this may be of interest to you…An album packed with outlandish ideas and offbeat idiosynchrasies.” (Livewire)
“great art-infused and inventive rock’n’roll” (Something Else)
“post-punk surreal Americana…fantastic 9/10” (Sound And Vision)