Trailer Crash was created by Jules Dakin (aka JJ Crash) and Blang house percussionist Martin Langshaw (Lucy’s Diary, Sterling Roswell, Tav Falco) in 2017.  After finding a good studio in Baldock, Hertfordshire and trialling a few songs as a two piece at Hitchin’s Club 84, they were contacted out of the blue by Jules’ old school friend Jimmy Chase, recently back from the USA. The two had last met at a Black Flag gig in the ‘80s.  Jimmy has brought a magic touch of psychedelic Americana to the album adding banjo, mandolin, violin and acoustic guitar.  The next Trailer Crash album will feature Jimmy’s songs, which the band has already started working on.


Slow Down Old Manis an eclectic mix of electric and acoustic storytelling, recorded with a lo-fi aesthetic and delivered in a detached world-weary Hertfordshire accent –  think garage band with mandolin and banjo with the song writing influences of Wreckless Eric, Television Personalities and Jeffrey Lewis.  The missing link from the early Stiff catalogue.