Debut single from prominent London based Antifolk and underground music scenesters – two DCW tracks already feature on the Billy Childish compilation “Somewhere Between Heaven & Woolworths” (Fortune Teller Records). Big beats and bright psychedelic/surf guitar cut through A side’s warped take on sexual frustration.  B side compliments with tale of celebrity stalking and seduction of G W Bush’s daughter set to a moody bass line.

‘a slow burning slice of uncompromising sexually charged minimalism…If anything I prefer the second track ‘My date With Jenna Bush’ with its post-Velvet’s feel, and its warped tale of the supposed seduction of George Bush’s daughter’ (Get Ready To Rock)

‘a chaotic ramble of two chords (Fall style) played as a surf-ish post punk crawl’ (Manchester Music)

‘mechanical psychedelia and a dark twisted edge’ (Organ)

  1. I Couldn’t Get Off
  2. My Date With Jenna Bush
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