1. My Best Friend’s Going Out With A Girl I Like
  2. Altair Voyager

Second single from ascending underground music scenesters DCW. The band’s hallmark surf guitar and snare heavy drums combine with ingenious outbursts of electrical appliances to underpin A-side’s delirious tale of betrayal and revenge – a modern day teenage blues lament. Opposites attract and B-side complements with a tender story of a marriage ceremony gone wrong. Or is it? Google “Altair Voyager”.

‘The music just drills into your head like the best Quickspace tunes used to do, with that relentless repetitive drive, cool & loose, hypnotic & sinister….but going back to those lyrics….they’re bleakly hilarious. I can’t figure whether the protaganist is a total psychopath or just a lovelorn sweetie but Daniel Clowes could write a short comic strip for this addictive offering on Blang. A hearty treat of motorik surf-psych genius!’ (Norman Records, Single Of The Week)

‘an addictive Victorian version of The Cramps. It’s warm, dark, yet in parts icy cold and not at all too dissimilar (but with a morbidly attractive humour), to some of Clinic’s best work’ (Manchester Music)David Cronenberg’s Wife – My Best Friend’s Going Out With A Girl I Like 7


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