1. Sweden (album version)
  2. Cymru (Welsh language version)
  3. Sweden Oculus III Mix
  4. Sweden 8Spirit Mix
  5. Sweden David Apple Mix

“Sweden” sees DCW eschew their usual bleak urban storytelling for a stream-of-consciousness reverie about dreams, possibilities and the crushing disappointments of reality. The band grind out a cyclical nagging 2 note guitar line, which grows into a bee-loud headache as Tom Mayne’s detached Mancunian voiceover appears like interference from another station, a scientist explaining a weather pattern. Omega-3 fish oils, Annabel Croft, Ingmar Bergman, sex, repetition.

“What can you do when you can only raise a smile? My troubles with women? As Groucho said: ‘I wouldn’t want to belong to any club which would have me as a member’”This 5 track Swedenfest features “Sweden” sung in Welsh and 3 remixes. South London-based Oculus III: ethereal psy-trance. 18 year-old North Londoner 8Spirit: cut-ups filtered through cold Swedish sunlight. New Zealand-based David Apple: analogue synth-pop (the mix to check if you want to hear the words clearly!).

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