Norman’s Records staff review (10/10):

It’s a wonderful thing when a band you had completely forgotten about comes back into your life. I had thought David Cronenberg’s Wife had disappeared in the way that some bands just do, so was overjoyed to see their new effort The Octoberman Sequence in the hallowed Norman Records review reliquary (it’s more of a cardboard box really…). I’ve loved their single ‘I Couldn’t Get Off’ for years, so looked forward to this new effort, despite what is a pretty shite cover (you’ll know if you see it). To be honest, I can’t really express just how great this EP is but I’ll give it a whirl.

The Octoberman Sequence is a pretty disgusting seduction ‘technique’ which involves a few ‘steps’ in attracting women. Usually my research on an album consists of a few wikipedia articles, maybe some bits on art, literature, arcane scientific research, artefacts, that kind of things, but this DCW album had me perusing what I’m pretty sure were incel websites so fair play to them for making me feel a bit sick. I digress (massively). Although they’re typically thought of as anti-folk, opener ‘Rules (radio edit)’ blasts in on a Modern Lovers kind of groove, vocals reminiscent of classic Velvets-era Lou Reed, and some truly brilliant lyrics. The Octoberman Sequence (the EP not the seduction technique, let’s be clear) brightened up my day no end. Each song is just fan-bleedin-tastic, containing raw folk, country, hints of indie, proto-punk, as well as wry observations of everyday life and surreal comedic monologues.

The humour of DCW is something that’s always appreciated, ‘You Should See’ is hilarious and had me shaking with laughter. I have to recount two of the lyrics because they’re brilliant: ‘I’ll take her to Liverpool / home of the Beatles’, and ‘She’ll say do you wanna go outside for a cigarette? Of course I do, of course, it’s 4 degrees and I don’t smoke.’ There are more funny lyrics but rather than take up anymore of your time that could be spent listening to this marvellous EP, I’ll end by encouraging you to go buy The Octoberman Sequence as soon as you can. Every song on this EP is worthy of at least one thousand words each (genuinely), they’re whimsical, VERY funny, heartfelt, and make up one of the best records I’ve heard for ages and ages.


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