David Cronenberg’s Wife are back with The Octoberman Sequence extended 12” vinyl EP (32 minutes of music), their first new release since 2015, on Blang Records. A key band in the late 2000s / early 2010s UK antifolk DIY scene, David Cronenberg’s Wife (‘DCW’ forshort) served as a catalyst for other like-minded bands in London to follow suit. DCW played The Fat White Family’s infamous Slide Innight in late 2013, with the FWF returning the favour by playing the antifolk fest several months later. DCW’s sound thus stands as atemplate for many of the current crop of south London guitar bands such as Goat Girl and Shame. With three BBC 6 Music sessions under their belt (two on Marc Riley, one on Cerys Matthews), and three albums released by the independent Blang Records, DCW returned to the studio in 2018 to record the new EP and album tracks (due 2019), made up of current live stalwart Rules, plus previously unrecorded songs such as You Should See and The Dude of Love that focus on slice-of-life storytelling.

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