Debut single from Resonance FM broadcasters deXter Bentley. A side is an acoustic pop grower and a tribute to New York Doll Arthur Kane. This song is a veritable earworm after a couple of exposures, particularly the vocal harmonies and descending chords of it’s main hookline. B side Swansong is a more downbeat mandolin-driven shanty.

‘’Killer Kane’ is a pop song with the rich vocal of Richard Bentley, which tells the story of Arthur Kane’s life backwards from his demise. It’s got great mini-climaxes spread throughout it’s four and a bit minutes’ (The Mag) ‘it just grows and grows adding more and more instruments and pace and climaxing for what seems like the whole song until it reaches a release near the end in a most satisfying fashion’ (Noize Makes Enemies) (ooh-er missus!)

‘Frankly irresistible’ (Losing Today)

  1. Killer Kane
  2. Swansong

Extra tracks on download EP: Roadie Song/Up With The Larks

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