Giving two impassioned fingers to a music scene littered with synth-led female singers, Lucy’s Diary stand out by playing angsty, cheeky pop-punk with big guitars and lyrics as raw and real as they come. Each track an infectious, emotive slice of life, a story within the bigger story of the album.

Each tale universal despite their sometimes troubling inspirations, all glued together perfectly by Joplin’s gutsy, dusky vocals with the syrupy gravel of Kim Deal and the balls and venom of Courtney Love combined.

“Dangerously unhinged & relentlessly real” Whisperin & Hollerin

“Scathing pop perfection” Music OMH

  1. Not Your Type At All
  2. Jumped In The Sea
  3. Less Of Me
  4. No Be Good
  5. Rock Kicks
  6. The Party Line
  7. Dirty & Smudged
  8. You Can’t Come In I’m Dead
  9. Targets
  10. Song 1
  11. Porno Mags & Sofas
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