1. Don’t Panic
  2. Who Broke Susan Boyle?

“There’s no denying it; I really like Milk Kan. From the very first demo I heard, which was raw and stuffed full of social commentary, this band have kept honest to their roots. ‘Don’t Panic’ continues their stampede, plucked from their album and every bit as relevant as it was when it was written. What’s more, this single is backed with the excellent ‘Who Broke Susan Boyle?’, with it’s anti-social commentary of the whole debacle.It’s refreshing to hear a lyricist that isn’t scared to say exactly what he thinks and it’s a bonus that the songs are totally catchy too” (The Mag)

“B-side, Who Broke Susan Boyle? reveals how witty and poetically mature the Londoners are.” (Noize Makes Enemies)

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