“it grabs by the neck and fills your head and heart with joy…. will make you think, laugh and dance a lot, possibly all at the same time” ANGRY BABY

“wrapping a fiery political core inside layers of charming, playful, psychedelic folk-pop” JOYZINE

“the very English charm of a Syd Barrett solo album, and a host of melodies that recall the wistful observations of The Kinks or The Small Faces…. it all adds up to a very satisfying listen that seems to be over barely 10 minutes later” GOD IS IN THE TV

“an unexpected collision of styles, two-minute pop songs, ballads, and alt-folk nestle alongside folk punk, post-punk, freakbeat and Celtic influences that are delivered via guitar, mandolin, drums, bass, slide guitar, violin, keyboards, percussion and flute to create something unique…………………….always lyrically astute…eclectic… if you want comparisons you’d be looking at a long list but you can start with The Byrds, The Kinks, The Velvet Underground, Squeeze and The Levellers” THE PUNK SITE

“The album, with its Squeeze & Kinks like anti-folk chant singalongs and storytelling is a perfectly crafted antidote to chart pop, Brexit and the current state of the world. It’s fun and meaningful and a constantly surprising delight” BEEHIVE CANDY

1 There’s Idiots, Then There’s Idiots With Money
2 Theresa McKee
3 The Tongues They Wag Away
4 Who Art In Seven Hills / Rare & Racy
5 Clouds In Your Eyes
6 Rear View Mirror
7 Fill In The Blanks
8 Your Time Is Tomorrow
9 The Years Dressed In Gold
10 In The Folds Of Her Robe
11 Back To The Willow

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