1. Here Come The Popes Part 1
  2. Here Come The Popes Parts 2 & 3
  3. Here Come The Popes Part 4
  4. Theme 3
  5. Sure Le Pontiff D’Avignon
  6. Two Popes
  7. Palais Des Papes, Deserted
  8. A Hole In The Wall
  9. Gregory XII Vs Benedict XIII
  10. Benefictus The Fake
  11. Council Of Pisa
  12. Unholy Trinity
  13. Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself

“Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself” chronicles the first fourteen centuries of the papacy.

Joe Murphy is performing the album for sixteen nights at the Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe in August 2012.

“It’s mental, in a good way. Absolutely hooked on it” IAN RANKIN

a ‘Horrible Histories’ complete with the miasma stench of bestiality, incest and prostitution, … an entertaining and informative experience… The album is divided between the introductory and recurring Here Comes The Popes entitled mantras first half, and the more experimentally, Factory Records imbued, “schism” second… an often unsettling post-punk influence… GOD IS IN THE TV

“A complete mishmash of psychedelia, Celtic folk, punk, improv, drone-rock and the occasional douse of pop, their live shows are never short of breath-taking with violins and mandolins playing at immense speeds.” SHOUT FOR MUSIC

“chocked full of witty and intelligent lyrics… a truly brave and ambitious project and I can guarantee that you won’t hear anything else like it, EVER.” SUBBA-CULTCHA

“the finest tracks here have a determined energy, eccentricity and radical sense of purpose very few records being released at the moment do…. almost certainly destined to become a future cult “lost” album… It will be a long time before you hear the like again.” BEARDED

“Musically inventive, they are by turn complex, playful and challenging, marrying dulcimer, violin, cello and accordion folks sounds with loose-limbed funk grooves” “dry wit and incisive lyrics” R2/ROCK’N’REEL

“I find myself almost lost for words…absolutely glorious” PETER MUGGS, THE ARTS DESK

“an eye-opener and an eyebrow-raiser” GIDEON COE, BBC 6 MUSIC

“the folk-proggyness of The Decemberists crossed with the Television Personalities” A MUSICAL PRIORITY

“It’s a peculiar record. I think I rather like it though” TOM RAVENSCROFT, BBC 6MUSIC

“every now and then an album arrives that so completely engages it matters not from whereabouts in the left-field it arrives… absorbing… you will either love or hate this… truly a musical Marmite moment. Me? I loved it.” FOLKWORDS

“brave… a refreshing degree of commitment” SOCIALIST WORKER

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