1. God To Holloway
  2. Go Hoot, Owl Lady (Oculus III Remix of God To Holloway)

‘‘God To Holloway’ could well be the London quintet’s finest moment to date and whether you agree or not there’s no denying that in our gaff this has had us in something of a swoon. Blending a curious pop transfusion that sees subtle washes of 60’s styled soft psyche dialects sumptuously caressed by down tempo / lounge like lilts all brought to bear by a delicious backline of harpsichord treatments (and yes I am open to corrections from person or persons saying it’s a dulcimer) and configured with a crooked and wonky time signature that frankly wouldn’t look to amiss on a Robyn Hitchcock record we here are thinking that this curiously rousing slice of day-glo pop peppered with all manner of lolloping overtures, off kilter shimmies and floral follies may well be right up the street of admirers of the much missed Dawn of the Replicants. Strangely perfect in other words’ (Losing Today)

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