Latest release from Blang (recently profiled on Huw Stephens on Radio 1) ‘High Slang’, the 4th album from Sergeant Buzfuz, is an eclectic mash-up of pop, psychedelia, Celtic folk, punk, improv, drone-rock and remix culture. It features the single Here Come The Popes Part 3 which was championed by Mark Lamarr at Radio 2 and Tom Robinson at 6 Music, who invited them in for a live session. The single was proclaimed Single Of The Month at Playlouder. “One of my favourite songs for some time… I love its spirit, I love the idea behind it, I love the fact that it’s like nothing else I’ve ever heard” (Mark Lamarr, Radio 2)

“Universally charming” (NME)

“Ceaselessly inventive…14 candidates for John Peel’s Festive Fifty” (TimeOut)

“ Dazzling…Referencing 1960s punk, psychedelia, Krautrock, Irish folk, glam-rock and drone, Sergeant Buzfuz achieve a harmonious, chiming mash-up, sounding like none of the above. ‘High Slang’ should be the record which catapults the band out of the underground” (Aesthetica)

“Buzfuz are a bloody riot” (Plan B)

“songs full of spirit, an album full of them” (Organ, Album Of The Week)

“Blending an awe inspiring instrumental with poetic and story-telling lyrics on each and every song its difficult to be even remotely bored by this band.” (Music-Zine) “Sergeant Buzfuz definitely do whatever they like and they definitely have something to say. Endearing and compelling,” (Supersweet)Sergeant Buzfuz – High Slang CD album

  1. God To Holloway
  2. Here Come The Popes Part 2
  3. Here Come The Popes Part 3
  4. Cockney Rebel
  5. Names For Girls
  6. Mothership Zelda
  7. In The Back Of My Cab
  8. Kay Malone
  9. -itis
  10. My Drinking Friends
  11. Rebellion With fries
  12. Kisses From The Sickbed
  13. Here Come The Popes Part 4
  14. Go Hoot, Owl Lady
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