1. High Diver
  2. Rubbing It In
  3. Rainy Morning
  4. Garbage Night
  5. Running Blood
  6. Berlin
  7. Wait For The Beep
  8. I Want It Easy
  9. Young And Beautiful

“an excellent showcase of Faergolzia’s range and veering across genres and through solo-acoustic folk to elaborately overdubbed prog-psych…a consistently endearing set of songs” (PennyBlackMusic)

Seth Faergolzia initially emerged from New York City’s Lower East Side at the turn of the millenium as a Wonka-esque figure leading freak-folk innovators Dufus. The surface absurdism of his output drew comparisons to Beefheart and Zappa.
During a 2014 tour with Rough Trade artist and old friend Jeffrey Lewis the pair often talked about songwriting exercises. Seth decided he’d been focussing too much on the business side of being an independent artist and returned from tour determined to write, write, write. Back home in Rochester, New York State he set himself the task of writing one hundred songs and completed this in four months, almost one song a day. These ranged from simple guitar and voice compositions to dense loops and soundscapes to weirdo electronic pop. He then recorded these at home studio Whenland and released one track a week to fans who had pledged a voluntary sum. Most songs were recorded solo but some with a full band.

“High Diver” is a selection of nine of the twenty-three songs Seth sent to Blang. Seth’s relationship with Blang started in 2002 when Dufus first played at the monthly Blang night at London’s 12 Bar Club.

Mastered in Florida by Kramer, ex-Bongwater musician, Shimmy Disc label supremo and Galaxie 500/Low producer.

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