Thee Cee Cees - Solution Songs

Marxist party punkers release pre-General Election debut album.

“Enough invention and energy to power three-quarters of Europe” DANNY BAKER
“An in-your-face masterpiece” (5/5) BOFF WHALLEY (CHUMBAWAMBA) R2
“A truly great album” 9/10 VIVE LE ROCK
“A timely tonic (4/5) DAILY MIRROR
“snappy riffs, poignant lyrics” (8/10) NME
“Probably the most significant political album of the decade” LOUDER THAN WAR
“supercharged, politically aware R&B with a distinct nod in the direction of Wilko Johnson-era Dr Feelgood” RECORD COLLECTOR
promoting positive action, well done!” TOM ROBINSON

Featuring Chris T-T- vox, Adam Devlin (Bluetones) – lead guitar, Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard (Mescaleros) – drums, Billy Brentford (Thee Faction) – rhythm guitar, polemic, Andy Lewis (Paul Weller) – bass, Kerry Schultz and Darren Hayman – b vox

  1. Deft Left
  2. Solution Songs
  3. Soapbox
  4. Don’t Call on Rock’n’Roll, Call on G.D.H. Cole
  5. Have An Analysis
  6. Never Cross
  7. Better Than Wages
  8. Vote!
  9. Iain Duncan Smith’s Weeping Hemorrhoids
  10. Ready?
  11. Relentless
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