1. January Egg Race Dream
  2. February What Ya Doin To Me
  3. March Winds
  4. April Showers
  5. Free As Fireflies In May
  6. Lost On The Moon In June
  7. A Gold Star for Miss July
  8. Midnight In August
  9. Grandmother’s Advice
  10. Everything’s Gone Halloween
  11. November In Berlin
  12. Family & Friends

Monthly Journal is the result of Thomas’s self-imposed challenge to write, record and release online a song each month throughout 2011. The year proved challenging. His father died in March (‘March Winds’), a 5-year love relationship broke up in June (‘Lost On The Moon In June’), and more recently he was forced to leave England which he has called home for the past several years due to tightening UK visa restrictions. Add to this the political, economic and social unrest of the past year, and there was no shortage of substance from which Truax could draw inspiration for this unique project.

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