1 Milk Kan – Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Tunes?
2 Sheepy – Ket Party
3 Thee Cee Cees – Soap Box
4 Emily Capell – Who Killed Smiley Culture?
5 Paul Hawkins And The Awkward Silences – It Takes A Nation Of Idiots To Hold Me Back
6 Filthy Pedro – Rock’n’Roll Points
7 Malcolm Kaksois – Sexy Dentist
8 Lucy’s Diary – Revolving Doors
9 Dexter Bentley – Killer Kane
10 Sergeant Buzfuz – Truth And Lies
11 David Cronenberg’s Wife – Jonny Bentham’s Dilemma
12 Slate Islands – Internal Exile
13 Matt Dolphin – Deptford Shore
14 Crash And The Disasters – King Of Leyton
15 Corporal Machine And The Bombers – Five A Day
16 Oculus III – Sweden (Remix Of David Cronenberg’s Wife Track)
17 Dan Edelstyn And The Orchestra Of Cardboard – Germans In Space
18 Thomas Truax – March Winds


“If you’re disillusioned with new music and what you’ve heard on mainstream TV and radio in the past decade, then you’ve been looking in the wrong place.” SOUND OF CONFUSION

“How do you write about a record so mercurial, leftfield and wide – ranging? Proof that small, independent labels can make a difference… Blang…we love you.” DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE


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