Trailer Crash release album


The first Trailer Crash album is out now on CD and download.Slow Down Old Manis an eclectic mix of electric and acoustic storytelling, recorded with a lo-fi aesthetic and delivered in a detached world-weary Hertfordshire accent -  think garage band with mandolin and banjo with the song writing influences of Wreckless Eric, Television Personalities and Jeffrey Lewis.  The missing link from the early Stiff catalogue.

Blanguished 3: Paul Finlay Gets A Tattoo

In Episode 3 of Blanguished, Paul gets a tattoo from Misty Miller, a delayed prize from the fundraiser to save The Windmill in Brixton during lockdown. Click pic to watch.

Blanguished Part 2: N8 Mate

Tom Mayne and Mary Boe of David Cronenberg's Wife and Paul Hawkins of The Awkward Silences return to their old haunt Crouch End where they talk about filming the video for DCW's My Best Friend's Going Out With A Girl I Like. Followed by footage of The Silences playing Organised Fun at the Hope & Anchor last year. Click pic to watch.