Liverpool three-piece Sheepy talk to us about their humorous music video for ’15 Songs (In An Hour)’.
’15 Songs (In An Hour)’ is a song about constant creativity featuring contagious post-punk with a massive power-pop heart at the centre. This is the first single from the band’s new album ‘Alarm Bells’ scheduled for release on April 9th via Blang Records.

Sheepy Explains:
Where was the video for 15 Songs (In An Hour) filmed?
The video was filmed in an old primary school in Toxteth, Liverpool which is now occupied by some of our friends who kindly allowed us to use their hall.

How does the video compliment the song?
Bobby Stickah, who produced the video came up with the idea of making writing songs “A sport”. The song is about writing songs quickly and pushing yourself to do so, whilst the video shows this being done, whilst also doing physical activities. The theme is based on badly shot 80s programmes and this is shown in the shots, our image and our cheesy interactions.

Any behind the scenes stories?
The last scene we filmed (which is the first scene of the video) we tried to make it really smoky from the smoke machine. Unfortunately this set off the fire alarm, which went off throughout the building. Most of the people living there weren’t aware we were filming and got quite a surprise to see us in our 80s gear. Also it was absolutely freezing when we filmed in early January. We had to keep running round to keep warm.

Can you talk us through the themes and imagery used?
We became 3 characters, Ruud Mullet, Ron Wanweird and Skreetch. We brought some of the important things like the stopwatch and the desk, but most of the things we used we just found in the school on the day, (the ropes, the ping pong table and even the chairs). We just had fun and decided on the day what we would use and how.

Is there a message you hope people might take from watching the vid?
There wasn’t a message we just wanted it to look as fun and as tacky as possible. The shots might remind viewers of old TV shows they used to watch. We had a lot of fun filming it.

Interview Feature by Karla Harris via  When The Horn Blows here