Meatraffle’s third album Base & Superstructure is in the shops now. Released on black and limited edition (500) red vinyl as well as CD and download, the album shows the band’s sound evolving with a mixture of live instruments and electronic backing, catchy tunes you could sing in your Power Shower and lyrics reflecting the results of politics on our daily lives told with a world-weary stoicism and humour. Steve Lamacq has to date played tracks six times on BBC 6 Music and single Industrial Lovesong Complex was judged second best single of the week on his Roundtable show, beating the Stones and prompting Rick Astley to say it was “like Bowie in another universe”. Street pop for modern lovers. Available in all good record shops.

“they tickle all my dopamine receptors with their scuzzy, sardonic charm” LOUDER THAN WAR

“It’s funny as fuck, but deadly serious. Dub basslines, wonky dance grooves and triumphant brass combine to fantastic effect…. Revolutionary socialism never sounded so appealing  5/5″ NARC MAGAZINE

” a pop-tastic delight, seasoned liberally with Zsa Zsa Sapien’s sweet trumpet lines and world weary musings. They, and all the other names the album calls to mind (Pulp, New Order, Happy Mondays, Human League, The Fall, Altered Images, Ian Dury, Sleaford Mods) belong to a long tradition of forward thinking working class pop” ECHOES AND DUST

“Biting satire from the searing to hilarious in this catchy, fun album of electro-pop with added trumpet. Packed with toe-tapping melodies and caustic, killer lines” SONG BAR

” Like many of the great British artists they channel (Ian Dury, PIL) the record is full of humour… A boot up the arse of the largely apolitical British music scene” MORNING STAR

“a mix of DIY pop and attitude, with moments of psychedelia and mariachi horns in the breaks which really make it come alive” ELECTRONIC SOUND MAGAZINE