From the French underground squat circuit, Paris-based Les Becasses – Marion (vox, guitar), Christophe (bass) and Aurelie (drums/bvs) – visited England for a mini-tour in 2019, playing with Liverpudlian-based Blang Records band, Sheepy. Blang planned to release its first European record on January 1st in response to Brexit, but Brexit and Covid intervened. They are now excited to announce the UK vinyl release of ‘Bloody Winter’. The album is in shops on June 4th but avalable now from the Blang shop.

For fans of The’s, The Ramones & Les Wampas, ‘Bloody Winter’ is an eight track mini-album clocking in at twenty minutes and was recorded in just two days. The band named the record in the Autumn of 2020 as they braced themselves for the bloody winter they saw coming to Paris.

The title track borrows from The Rock-A-Teens 1959 rockabilly classic ‘Woo Hoo’. All tracks are sung in English. The record makes us look forward longingly to a summer of bloody loud gigs where we can jump around and spill beer to sounds like these two minute nuggets of female vocal-led razor pop energy.

“For this disc, we decided to print our lyrics as we thought they were rather fun and French people generally need to have them written down to appreciate and understand English texts. Les Becasses’ songs use very classical themes in the pure tradition of Pop music (love, parties, freedom…) although we like to use a bit of humour especially in these dark times. Brexit is a sad thing to us and our friends in general as we love the UK and want to think a part of her loves us back!! It seems that Boris Johnson would have been a perfect prime minister in a Monty Python movie, not real life. Anyway, after Brexit we now have to face the Covid restrictions.  We really hope we can come back to the UK, we all had such a great time and were very proud of the English audience’s response to our shows!”
Marion, Les Becasses