The documentary film about Blang is finally out. Selected for this year’s Doc’N’Roll Festival, the 43 minute film made by first-time director La Staunton is streaming on-demand from the Doc’N’Roll site here for a bargain £5 from November 7th until the 21st. Catch it before Sunday!

Here’s a review from Joyzine. 

“You forget about people don’t you? About resistance in the face of a massive wall of hopelessness. This film puts that back in front of you. It’s almost unsettling viewing. That’s mad isn’t it?” – Jason Williamson, Sleaford Mods

“It’s been ages since I got vaxxed against boredom and loneliness, and this film is the &*(#ing booster shot I needed!”Jeffrey Lewis

A smash and grab celebration of genre-bending independent UK label, Blang Records. Capturing the spirit and energy of a label determined to put out records despite never making any money, ‘Blang: 16 Years of Outsider Music’ showcases the music, artists and artwork from the label’s rich and colourful back catalogue in a breakneck 43 minute package.

‘Blang: 16 Years of Outsider Music’ is slated for the prestigious Blang100 catalogue number and is the first non-music release for the label. It was made during various lockdowns on a shoestring budget by radio broadcasters and first time filmmakers La Staunton and Beth Soan:

‘In true Blang style, we didn’t have a clue what we were doing, but we weren’t going to let a lack of technical ability stop us telling this brilliant story. It was refreshing to be immersed in a scene populated by decent people, but this is basically the cinematic equivalent of being held together by chewing gum, goodwill and gaffer tape.’

Blang is a label firmly rooted in the DIY/anything goes attitude of punk and antifolk. Although broadly united by storytelling with edge and humour, diversity is key to the 100 strong back catalogue of releases, and the label has remained consistent in its commitment to releasing outsider music, or as label boss and founder Joe Murphy puts it “giving a home to the acts that don’t have a home anywhere else”.